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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, "vestry" is the name given to governance bodies of an Anglican - though in some contexts the term Parish Council is used. In England and Wales, before 1850, these committees met in the vestry or sacristy of the parish church and consequently became known colloquially as the "vestry".

The vestry members, apart from the "vicar's warden,"  are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The vicar's warden is appointed by the bishop. For the next two years this parish is in "interim" mode, and the "vicar's warden" becomes "bishop's warden" though this makes no difference to the running of the parish. 

"Vicar" - which roughly means "representative" - while technically meaning "priest in charge of a financially viable parish" - tends to be something of a catch-all all term for clergy overseeing a faith-community. The Parish of the Whakatipu (/ Wakatipu), while financially viable, is currently in long-term interim mode, with Dr Michael Godfrey as its priest. Michael's contact details can be found on the home page of this website. 

The members of our current vestry are:  

Vivienne Kerr

Alice Gallaway

Bruce Morris
(Treasurer and
Vicar's Warden)

Julian Pedley

Pene Young

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