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Suggestions for Pilgrims

As you walk around our wonderful landscape take time to walk mindfully, aware of being fully alive in the present moment.
  • Travel slowly through the landscape that is familiar, taking the opportunity to look through different eyes - eyes made aware of God's glory in creation.
  • Ponder the extraordinary range of people and places through which we pass, often blindly.
  • Pray for significant places and the people who visit them: the church, the school, the cafe, the pub, the shops, the Post Office, the Information Centres.
  • At the town hall, pray for all those involved in local government; at the car park, pray for drivers.
  • Sit in the Botanic Gardens, resting in God's presence and thanking Him for the gifts of relaxation and leisure.
  • Consider the journeys that Jesus made in his lifetime, from that first journey to the stable in Bethlehem, through the teachings and healing in the villages around Jerusalem to that last bitter walk to the cross and afterwards along the road to Emmaus.

In the name of God continue on your journey. May God the Father be with you, God the Son protect you, and God the Holy Spirit be by your side, always.

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