Recontour & Re-grass around the Elm Tree

The area around the Elm tree is in places bare and there are large roots exposed which make it difficult to mow and which could cause injury or damage the mower.   To resolve this it has been agreed to create a raised mound around the tree to cover the roots and re-grass it.

This will be done during two working bees as follows:

Friday 25th January


Three parishioners collect three trailer loads of topsoil from Fulton Hogan at Shotover Delta.   Fulton Hogan close at 5.00 pm.

Working Bee #1: Saturday 26th January 2019  at 10.00am.

Parishioners unload and spread the topsoil around the Elm tree in a mound mixing it with leaf mould and grass clippings from the flower bed at the side of the Church.  This will bulk up, fertilise and aid water retention of the top soil as well as dispose of some of the buildup of grass clippings.


Friday 15th February 2019.

Two parishioners with trailers collect 52 sq meters of turf and fertilizer from Aspiring Instant Lawn, 59 Studholm Road  Wanaka (time to be agreed).


If required, one parishioner to collect a trailer load of topsoil for top dressing and filling in gaps from Fulton Hogan at Shotover Delta  If this is necessary will be decided after working bee #1.

Working Bee two. Saturday 16th February 2019 at 10.00 am.

Parishioners lay the lawn on and around the mound created in working bee #1.


Connect the soaker hose to the nearby tap with a timing device for ongoing regular watering.

Rope off the area for 4 weeks to give the grass a chance to root in.


Any queries please contact Ray Sansom Phone: 03 441 8118 or email