We believe that good quality music, both traditional and modern, makes an important contribution to Christian worship.

We have some very talented musicians in the Parish and some high quality musical instruments as well.

At St Peter’s there is a grand piano and an historic pipe organ (see web information on the St Peter’s Organ). There is a modern upright piano in the Parish Centre.

These instruments are used on most Sundays at our 10.30am service to accompany both the St Peter’s Choir and the congregation.

The Choir sings in 4 part harmony with a special Sunday anthem every week. They also lead the singing of hymns and the sung responses to the Holy Communion services from the NZ Prayer Book.

The Choir is led by Choir Director and music teacher Alison Frude, and weekly rehearsals are held at 6pm on Thursday nights in St Peter’s Church. Alison can be contacted at 441 3354 or at .

St Peter’s Church has superb acoustics, and is sought after as a venue for smaller concerts and recitals of different genres – operatic, organ, popular music. 

Mark Wilson as one of our organists and pianists. Blind since birth, Mark has a performance degree in music from the University of Auckland. He is one of the finest piano stylists in New Zealand and he is in high demand for the Queenstown shows, concerts, jazz festival events and weddings. He plays at our regular Sunday services. He can be contacted at 03 441 1369 or on

Mark Wilson

At St Paul’s Church Arrowtown, we have a good quality electronic organ which is used for services and weddings and funerals.

We have a team of dedicated organists who play at Arrowtown regularly.

For enquiries about the use of St Peter’s Church for recitals or concerts, please contact the Parish Administrator at 442 8391 or email